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What are Portfolio Strategies?

Portfolio strategy is the process of building a collection of investments that helps you achieve your financial goals. We build portfolios utilizing a blend of passive and active investments with customization specific to you. Our core approach uses a diversified mix of exchange-traded and mutual funds tailored to your risk profile. When appropriate and advantageous, we utilize real estate, individual stocks and bonds, direct indexing, and alternative strategies to further enhance your portfolio. Cornerstone’s portfolio strategies are guided by five core principles and overseen by our Investment Committee.

Planning Based

We believe that the financial plan serves as the framework to inform portfolio strategy. The plan establishes the overall investment goals, time horizon, risk tolerance & capacity, and other objectives related to your life.


We believe investment management should be done without emotion and adhere to a process. Buying low and selling high should not be done by chance but as a strategic objective. We regularly monitor and rebalance our clients’ portfolios to ensure they align with their investment goals and risk tolerance.


We believe that you should be invested in the best, no matter where it comes from. We are not beholden to a specific type or brand of investment and have the flexibility to invest assets in the appropriate product for you without constraints.


We believe cost and taxes should be considered when investing. At the core of our portfolios are low-cost, passive investment strategies designed to minimize expenses and maximize returns. We also use tax-efficient investment strategies to minimize the tax impact of our clients’ investments.


We believe investing should not be complex. We educate clients about their portfolio strategy. We always communicate any conflicts of interest. Our clients have full visibility into their investments and can trust that they receive honest, transparent advice.

Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee develops and maintains our portfolio strategies. The Investment Committee meets quarterly to discuss investment performance, cost, fit, and the current economic & market environment. Changes such as asset allocation adjustments, rebalancing of portfolios, and adding/removing investments are agreed upon during these meetings.

Cornerstone Investment Committee members:

  • Lee Lehmkuhler, CIMA® – Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Specialist
  • Stuart Honenberger, CFP® – Wealth Advisor
  • Matt Morgan, CFP®, AIF® – Wealth Advisor

Our Investment Committee is supported by the 20+ members of the Investment Management and Research team at Commonwealth Financial Network. That team provides insight into the markets & the economy and is a resource we leverage for market outlook, portfolio construction, and securities analysis.

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